PRIvate dining & Events

Whether you have big plans or just a small thing in your mind, we probably have just the right space for your dinner event, workshop or party night.

Tell us what you have in mind and we will get back to you with an offer asap:

We can surely discuss about organizing a private event upstairs, but downstairs is what we had in mind. Using the whole downstairs, with each and every small and big, round and rectangular table we have there, you can plan seated dinner events for up to 200 people. Within The Cock’s downstairs’ ca. 500 m2 there are following rooms to be found.

Hen House

Hen House is a private room for a bigger meeting or a workshop, or for a private dinner party.

With two long tables, we can fit max 50 guests in the room. Projector and screen available for use too.


Combining Hen House with the adjoining Nugget you’ll end up having an amazing private venue for 80 guests with own private bar.

Whether it’s a party, corporate dinner or a workshop, we’ll make it happen!


The Tunnel isn't a cabinet-like room, as it's open from both ends, but bookable for your party of ca. 45 guests only. When combined with the adjoining Front room, it’s a great dinner venue for 75.

If Bill Clinton and AC/DC have spent a great night at the Tunnel, we’re sure you will too.


A private cabinet for 10 guests.

Everyone sitting around the same huge glass table, ideal for a gathering whether it’s for business or pleasure. For the most private talks you can just shut the door.


Backroom fits up to 20 guests. The room is adjoining with the above mentioned Pit cabinet. So should there be another party dining in Pit, Backroom in that case isn't fully private.

But of course you can also book the both for 20 + 10 = 30 guests!

Whole basement

Party with 200 guests? Sure.

Royal Ravintolat Helsinki restaurants suits for all occasions. Are you for exampleplanning a romantic candle-lit dinner with someone special? Or needing to grab a quick lunch in Helsinki somewhere central between meetings? Or perhaps you’re looking forward to a relaxed brunch in Helsinki with friends at the weekend? We are delighted to say that for these, and for all other occasions, we have the perfect restaurant waiting for you.