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Mother of Pearl Oy websites use cookies. By using the websites ( or you give Mother of Pearl Oy your consent to the use of cookies.

Cookies are text files that are stored on a user's device by an Internet browser. Cookies store information about a user's behaviour on a particular website. When a user returns to the site later, the browser retrieves and sends the cookies to the website's server. Cookies allow the site to identify the user and use the information collected during previous visits. The site only contains information that the user has entered. The site cannot deduce the user's email address, for example, unless it has been entered. The site cannot access other information stored on the computer.

Mother of Pearl Oy uses its own and third-party cookies for the following purposes:

· To identify a user when they visit a page. The cookie is valid for 90 days from the latest visit.

· For analytics purposes and to collect user data using Google Analytics tools.

· To target content using Facebook Pixel.


We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by a third party, Google Inc., to track website traffic and to generate statistics. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect certain user data about visitors so that their use of the website can be analysed and improved. This data includes information about from which website the user came to the website and what they do on the site.

The user behaviour information generated by the cookies is transferred to and stored on a Google server in the United States. Google Analytics may also transfer data to third parties. Google states that it only stores non-personally identifiable information, which means it does not link the information collected with any individual.

You can prevent Google from collecting information about your use of the website (including your IP address) and the processing of this information by Google by following this link:

Google’s Privacy Policy is available at:


We use Facebook Inc.'s custom audiences for interest-based online advertising, and a tracking pixel is embedded on our website. The tracking pixel is an analytics tool that we use to create custom audiences for advertising and to ensure that our ads are targeted to the right audiences (in terms of parameters such as age and interests).

The tracking pixel also allows us to monitor the effectiveness of Facebook ads and to use this information for statistical and market research purposes. The tracking pixel creates a direct connection between the user's browser and Facebook's servers. This will let Facebook know that our website was accessed from the user's device. The information collected by us will remain anonymous and we will not be able to see any individual user's personal information.

However, Facebook stores and processes the information collected and is able to associate that information with the user's Facebook account and use the information for its own marketing purposes in accordance with Facebook's privacy policy.

You can block access to your data in custom audiences by following this link:

Facebook's Privacy Policy is available at:


Most browsers allow cookies to be blocked. Below are instructions on how to block cookies in different browsers.

·Internet Explorer: click Tools>Internet Options>Privacy>Settings>Block all cookies  

·Firefox: click the menu button>Options>Privacy and Security

·Safari: click Preferences>Privacy

·Google Chrome: click the Chrome menu icon> Settings> Advanced> Privacy

Blocking cookies may have a negative impact on the usability of some websites.